• Jan
  • 15
  • 2019
uninstall Google Earth Pro

Guides for How to Uninstall Google Earth Pro Completely on Windows

Unable to uninstall Google Earth Pro and clean all of its files from the computer? Many people cannot complete the program removing job on their PCs. So maybe we should have a look at this program removal and share the right way to remove it with Total Uninstaller or Windows built-in uninstaller. Google Earth Pro […]

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  • May
  • 23
  • 2018
uninstall Scratch

Uninstall Scratch Instructions - App Removal Guides

Is it a difficult task for you to uninstall Scratch from the PC? What makes you unable to finish it smoothly? If you still have such questions, we will help you figure it out today. What's Scratch Scratch is a visual programming tool and online community for children, it can be used for free and […]

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