Know How to Uninstall Betternet from Your Computer

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Do you get a removing problem to uninstall Betternet on your computer? Are are still finding a good resolution to erase this application on the machine. Check the following guides and you can easily understand what you should do for cleaning the program effectively.

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Application detailed information

Betternet is a free VPN utility available for Windows operating system, it can be used for free and enable the user to make their identity and protect the personal privacy online. The program installation usually bundles two other applications: OpenVPN and TAP-Windows, and these registry entries like "{88E27137-69AB-4EA4-8AF0-576EB0D91650}" will be created and locate on the computer.

General reasons of unsuccessful Betternet removal

For any application installed on the computer, the Windows OS support the user to remove it via the removing feature on Control Panel: Add/Remove programs(Windows XP), Uninstall a program(Windows 7), Programs and Features(Windows 8. 8.1, 10). However, the program removal sometimes does not quite work well for some people, including uninstall Betternet, these problems and issues usually happen when people are trying to remove the application from their computers:

Resolving these problems and completing to remove Betternet on the computer are very difficult for many general users, so an easy-to-follow uninstall guide will be very useful and necessary.

Learn a good way to uninstall Betternet on PC

Manual resolution: take manual steps to uninstall Betternet

Step 1: uninstall the program



Step 2: clean its vestiges - registry keys


Step 3: remove Betternet extensions on web browsers

The above removing steps usually cannot help you to clean the Betternet extensions on the web browser, if you want to thoroughly get rid of this application on your PC, please go to clean extensions on the browser:

In Google Chrome

In Firefox

Feel tired or complicated to conduct this manual removal? Why not use an uninstall tool to replace you performing the uninstallation automatically.

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Suggested uninstallation: remove Betternet with Total Uninstaller

In nowadays, taking a powerful removal application to manage the program removal on computer is very popular and also effective, because you don't need to take too much time on deleting the program and its associated files in different locations, instead, the uninstall tool will help you to complete these removing jobs quickly, and allow you to complete a program removal within a short time.

Total Uninstaller is a professional uninstall utility that supports to remove different kinds of app installed on the computer, it is also a piece of cake to uninstall Betternet and does not create any troublesome issue during or after the removal.

Steps to uninstall Betternet with Total Uninstaller:

uninstall Betternet with TU

complete uninstall


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