Uninstall 7-Zip Thoroughly on PC with Reliable Removing Method

uninstall 7-Zip

7-Zip cannot leave from your computer? Is there any problem troubling you to remove this program on the PC? Here are just the illustrated and video guides to help you resolve this problem and uninstall 7-Zip well.

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7-Zip is a free and open-source file archiver, developed by Igor Pavlov, it can be used to compress groups of files effective on the Windows based computer. People may not find a shortcut of the program after installing it on the PC, but it has already been installed on the computer well, and one can find it on its installed directory or the All programs menu.

Do you have any problem to remove it?

When trying to uninstall 7-Zip, it seems like many people have to face a lot of problems, and finally get no idea to get rid of this application from the computer, even though they had looked up and tried many ways to conduct the program removal. And the most common issues they encountered are:

So, if you are not willing to get these troubles when try to remove 7-Zip, you should be very cautious to choose the right way to get rid of this application from your PC.

Try these ways to uninstall 7-Zip smoothly and completely on PC

1. Get Total Uninstaller to remove it automatically

To get rid of the program effectively and quickly on the computer, the most direct solution must be taking a good app removal tool to help you totally uninstall the program from the Windows system, and you will find that there are few of steps you need to take during the removal.

Getting Total Uninstaller is the good choice for you uninstalling 7-Zip completely from the PC, the two round of removing steps will offer a 100% removal for the program without any further problem.

Illustrated guides and video tutorials to remove 7-Zip with Total Uninstaller:

uninstall 7-Zip




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2. uninstall 7-Zip with Windows attached uninstall utility

Windows removing feature in Control Panel is the traditional and manual option for the people to remove unwanted program, if you are confident with your computer knowledge and skills, you can take the following instructions to finish the program removal on your computer independently:

Different names of the removing feature in different Windows operating systems:

Here are specific steps about how to uninstall 7-Zip the program in the Windows 8/8.1/10:

W8 - programs and features

remove 7-Zip manually




Additionally, you also can activate the removing process on Windows system via this way:


During this traditional removal of 7-Zip, deleting associated registry entries is a big challenge for the common users, because there are so many important system registries in the Register Editor. Deleting a wrong registry additionally would easily get a serious system error on the computer, so one can choose to export the registry for backup on PC. On the other hand, some people complained that taking this way to uninstall 7-Zip would cause them lose many important information and files on the computer, in this situation, it is more suggested to remove it with the professional uninstaller.

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