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Unable to uninstall Google Earth Pro and clean all of its files from the computer? Many people cannot complete the program removing job on their PCs. So maybe we should have a look at this program removal and share the right way to remove it with Total Uninstaller or Windows built-in uninstaller.

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Google Earth Pro for Windows

uninstall Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is a premium version (business-oriented) of Google Earth, which allows people to explore the globe via its 3D representation of Earth. And the pro version includes add-on software that people can additionally use to make movie, measure precisely, and search for a specific address or coordinate.

Upon installation, the computer will get many of the program's files in its installation folder. Besides, you also can find several ground of registry entries in Windows system Registry Editor.

When your subscription of the program has been expired and not continue to use it, you can consider to uninstall Google Earth Pro from the PC. However, some people just get stuck in this program removal and can't find an effective way to clean out all of its components. To complete the program removal in a smooth way, you can check these two methods at the following:

How can uninstall Google Earth Pro from Windows (with images and video)

Apply Windows attach uninstaller

If the program haven't been removed and still can operate smoothly on the computer, you can find it av available on the Windows uninstall panel, through which you can perform a manual removal of this program on the PC.

  • Stop Google Earth Pro running on the computer, and then right-click on the small Windows icon on the quick menu
  • Click on Programs and Features in the first item, and then you will open the Windows uninstaller


  • Locate Google Earth Pro on the list of programs, and click on Uninstall as the image show you


  • Click Yes┬áto confirm, and then wait for a while until the removing process finished


  • Close all windows and restart the computer
  • When log in again, type "regedit" in the search box
  • Click on regedit to open system's Registry Editor
  • Find out the registry groups of Google Earth Pro, and delete them


  • If you are afraid of removing a wrong registry key and cause serious system issue, you can choose to export the registry for back up before start to delete it.

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Use Total Uninstaller to uninstall Google Earth Pro

Total Uninstaller is also able to remove this program easily from the computer, it is an affordable professional app removal tool that can deal with different kinds of program uninstallaion on the Windows. For more details about how to totally remove Google Earth Pro, you can refer to these guides with images and video tutorials.

  • Start Total Uninstaller on the PC, and then you will see all installed programs presented on the interface
  • Find and highlight Google Earth Pro on the PC, and then click on Run Analysis button

uninstall Google Earth Pro

  • All of files will be detected and listed shortly, and then click on Complete Uninstall button


  • Follow the uninstall wizard to proceed, when complete, continue to click on Scan Leftovers button


  • Click Delete leftovers to clean again for those files, and then click OK to finish the removal


  • Last but not least, remember to exit the uninstaller and restart your PC.

For people who had tried to uninstall Google Earth Pro but lead to an incomplete issue, it is suggested to manually search for and delete those leftovers on the computer. If some files are too stubborn to be removed, you can use Total Uninstaller to find out and forcibly delete the files via its "Cannot find the program?" feature.

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